Our Beautiful Collection

The Perfume Lounge has a number of perfume collection from the best quality, Inspired by the Haute Perfumeries in London, Paris, and New York. Our four main classic scents classified as the famous les Parfums du Château de Versailles, Illuminum, Heritage Berber, and Isabelle Ariana. With so many choices of perfumes from all over the word, we have decided to have a distinctive niche perfume collection you will only find in our boutique.

Our collection perfumes, ambient fragrances and scented accessories are ‘handpicked’ with love and attention. At The Perfume Lounge, you can discover different fragrance styles, perfume origins and creative olfactive families within perfumery.

We proudly offer the most innovative and unique leading brands in the world of niche perfumes.
In recent years, a dizzying array of niche perfumers has entered the fragrance world. With so many choices, it is hard to decide where to start sniffing and choosing. From perfumers with roots in classic perfumery to talented newcomers with a vision, our collections are our favorites; each comes with a recommendation of one don’t-miss fragrance from their lines.