Illuminum is a British Perfume house carrying three exquisite ranges  of fine fragrance.

Designed by a group of perfumers, Illuminum took a different approach to fragrance.  Seen as liquidized fragrance art, focused on the quality within the  bottle. The sleek and simplistic exterior is merely a shell that contains the precious selection of uniquely combined natural oils that permeate within. Illuminum has a dedicated team of passionate individuals, whom drive the expansion  and growth of the Illuminum brand.

 Vaporizor Collection

The Illuminum Vaporizor Collection is comprised of 16 individual scents, in 4 families of Floral, Citrus, Musk and Oud. These beautifully crafted fragrances were created by the most gifted artisans. Devoid of complications, the notes emerge through diffusion of the top, heart and base of each fragrance. As the notes unveil and adapt to the wearer, an individual story unfolds on the skin.

With a 15 % oil concentration, the quality and longevity of each fragrance astounds even the experts in fragrance. A truly unique concept, basing the focus on the content within

Haute Collection

The Haute Collection is an ultra luxurious way of experiencing fragrance.  With a breath-taking 30 % oil concentrate, the intensity therefore dictates  an incredibly long-lasting experience with some lasting days not hours.

The Illuminum Haute Collection is based on the same minimalist ethos,  with an edited cluster of pure and natural notes, a clear and powerful evocative scent prevails.

The collection comprises of rare, arcane and prized ingredients such  as Black Saffron and Indian Oud, painstakingly orchestrated to achieve sumptuous effects. From a floral translucency of Egyptian White Lotus  to the mysterious woody magic of Oud, Illuminum Haute Perfume is  a distinctive flourish of opulence.

Limited Edition

The four classic fragrances of Illuminum’s Limited Edition range manifest a refined and resonant voice of British Perfumery. We have dared to liquidise art into fragrant beauty where the immaculate elegance is contemporary and timeless.

The secret of this greatness lies within the use of the highest quality and rarest ingredients in Modern Perfumery. This range is enhanced by the intensity of oil  at an astounding 30%. The power of the Majestic Oud and Black Amber comes from the lightest and cloudiest of Frankincense, gathered for us by Somalian tribes. The softness of the Centafolia Rose touches and pleases. Used as an absolute it  is one of the most valued ingredients blended with Russian Valerian Root in our Tonka Oud, delivering a scent which beguiles beyond olfactory expectations.  And of course the selection of our Cambodian, Malaysian and Indonesian Ouds sends any perfume connoisseur on a joyful and unsung journey.