People wear fragrances for a number of reasons such as to be attractive, seductive to improve their mood to feel refreshed and even as a self-confidence improver.
The most important goal should be to pick a personal fragrance that meets your individual needs. Your scent of choice should always be a compliment to your personality, never something overbearing.
Everyone has his or her own unique fragrance personality.
Personality traits of an individual are very closely related to the fragrances they chose.
People who were introverted had a greater response to smells than extroverted people did. This caused the introverted individuals to lean towards oriental fragrances instead of a fruity or floral perfume.
People who predominantly liked bright colors such as pink, orange and yellow would be more apt to lean towards fruity or floral scents. While people who preferred darker, richer colors such as red, green or purple would be more liable to be attracted to warm, oriental fragrances.

  • *Individuals who enjoy classical music, who vacation in rural settings and who favor the color pink, are often found to love the feminine aroma of floral scents.
  • *Your personality and fragrance choices should connect well to best impact the effect you have on others.
    For example, people who are sporty will often choose fragrances that are fresh light and clean. These perfumes allow the individual a delicate scent without being too heavy or overbearing.

  • While sensual personalities will lead to sensual scents that make a confident statement about who they are.
    As can be expected, one naturally goes with the other, therefore, these individuals opt for musky perfumes that have a long-lasting effect, especially on members of the opposite sex.
  • People who love heavy music and the color yellow and who will pamper themselves with activities such as a day at the spa are often found to like a fruity type of fragrance.
    *People who are very outgoing and optimistic typically enjoy fragrances that are fruity.
    Modern music fans that like the color green and who’s ideal get away would be something like a lakeside resort, lean towards fragrances that derive from the natural oils in the stem of plants and leaves.

  • People that listen to regae as their music of choice and vacation in exotic locations and pick purple as their favorite color often opt for scents that are oriental.
    The fragrances these individuals pick are composed of ingredients containing heavy flowers, musk and vanilla. Oriental scents also referred to, as ambers are sexy, passionate, and powerful.
    A day at the beach, sushi, and a love of the color blue is often found in those who enjoy the clean, refreshing aroma of an ocean scent.

  • On the flip side, are the people who are stylish jetsetters at heart, who love intense spicy foods and long passionate nights.
    These people will be found reaching for a fragrance that has a deep woody aroma.
    Being an introvert or an extrovert goes a long way in influencing the fragrance that would be best suited for your personality.
    It is important to let your sense of smell guide you in picking your fragrance, however, make certain to let your unique qualities lead you as well.